An Inside SAP Perspective: How to Maximize Revenue across the Digital Value Chain


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Recently, Peter Conquest, the global telco director at SAP Hybris, was interviewed by VanillaPlus, a news magazine for communication service providers, on how to find value in the digital value chain. Here are a few highlights from this conversation.

Communication service providers (CSPs) are keenly aware that the customer experience is a core differentiator. So – what comes next?

In his conversation with VanillaPlus, one of the first things Peter Conquest shared in the interview was that it is now vital for CSPs to create a consistent, omni-channel approach to customer engagement and care.  As the global telco director at SAP Hybris, Conquest knows how key this approach is for CSPs that want to maximize new revenue opportunities across the digital value chain and the Internet of Everything.

Why is this so important? Conquest says that customers have seized control of their relationships with CSPs so the traditional rules of a customer journey are changing. “Customers are more savvy and expect a seamless interaction at every touchpoint they use on the journey, be it online, mobile, call center, or in-store,” says Conquest. He adds that the pendulum of control has swung and turned customer relationship management into customer-managed relationship. Conquest advises that it is simply time to engage customers like never before and focus on the outcome of that engagement.

In the VanillaPlus CEO Guide to MWC Supplement article, Conquest goes on to discuss how it is important to understand the customer journey and that supply chain execution needs to be seamless throughout this process. In addition, he provides CSPs with some key insights on the best way to tackle this critical initiative.

To learn more, read the full interview with Conquest here.



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