Are You Ready for the Second Digital Revolution?


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Hold onto your hats, folks – there’s more change coming!

Apparently, 1995 to 2015 was the First Digital Revolution, according to research firm Ovum, where the biggest impact was on processes such as enterprise resource planning and sectors like media and online retail.

Now, we’re in the beginning stages of a fresh wave of digital transformation coming, which Ovum calls the Second Digital Revolution.

In a recent research extract, Digital Economy 2025: Core Scenario, Ovum says this wave is fueled by cheap and readily available hardware, processing, connectivity, and new disruptive technologies. More encompassing than the first one, this wave will impact more verticals and processes and there will be more digitalized automation. Key sectors disrupted to 2025 will be those that can deliver their core services digitally (payments, insurance, telecoms, and media).

In related content, Ovum says that connectivity will be one of the key technology themes in this next revolution and it will underpin many other innovative technologies, including cloud computing. Here’s a quick insight from Ovum’s Digital Economy 2025 report on how this impacts the telecommunications industry.

“The most fundamental change for the Internet will be the growing volume of IP traffic that will be managed according to a hybrid approach involving managed networks for organization internal and back-end data storaging, processing and transporting and the best-effort open Internet for public-facing web sites. The increase of traffic management will represent an incredible opportunity for those CSPs (Communication Service Providers) able to manage Quality of Service end-to-end. However, such blending of public and private IP networks also shows that the boundaries between the Internet and CSP networks will blur.”

To read more about this revolution and how to take advantage, register for the extract here.


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