Deloitte: Beyond the Dumb Pipe – the role of CSPs in the IoT


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With lots of organizations around the globe jumping on the Internet of Things (IoT) bandwagon, how precisely does this affect network service providers? That’s the exact topic that Deloitte University Press explored in a recent article, Beyond the dumb pipe: The IoT and the new role for network service providers.

This informative article says if companies want to realize value from the IoT and sensor technology, they will need to work closely with their communication service provides (CSPs). Yet this collaboration may not be easy, says the authors. IoT value requires more than just simply plugging smart devices into an existing infrastructure, and it takes more than a “dumb pipe” to develop a communications network.

The authors suggest that the key to a good working relationship is the difference in various IoT deployments, which will dictate exactly what kind of collaboration is needed. The article discusses an “Informative Value Loop,” or a chain of information that can create value as a result of how an organization transforms inputs into outputs, or products and services. The loop includes action, which gives rise to information. The information can then be manipulated to inform future action.

The article also explores what’s next for the IoT and examines a quadrant of customization, cost, control, and convenience and how CSPs fit into this structure. There are also insights on how to effectively set up partnerships that provide opportunities for both companies and CSPs to take full potential of the IoT.

Read the full text here.


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