McKinsey & Company: Speed and Scale – the Key to Customer Journeys

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It’s no news to telecommunication companies that the customer journey – and the buyer’s experience along the way – is key to fueling new streams of revenue. Now, a recent McKinsey&Company article suggests that the best way to unlock the digital value in this journey is by achieving digitalization at scale.

The authors recommend that companies build a distinct structure that enables them to digitize the most important customer experiences at scale and speed – in a consistent way, with consistent resources – to produce consistent results. The good news is that along with this, other parts of the organization will be transformed, so in the end, a company becomes a true digital business.

The article goes on to suggest that those that want to win at this must reimagine and digitize the entire customer journey, from beginning to end, no matter what channel is used. Interestingly enough, the authors note that one organization – such as a bank – may have 10-20 core journeys that customers take, but in totality, there could be hundreds. Hence the need for speed and scale to really unlock value on these digital journeys!

This informative article, Speed and scale: Unlocking digital value in customer journeys, goes on to share in-depth tips on how to structure the scalability and speed needed to become fully digitalized. To read the full text, register here.


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