Mind the Gap: Using Context to Bridge the Customer Engagement Gap


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Communication service providers (CSPs) are continually being challenged by industry disruptors – such as over-the-top (OTT) companies – that are taking direct aim at their customers. For those disruptors that are winning, they do doing so by perfecting the art of personalized customer engagement.

CSPs, on the other hand, are in the midst of a customer engagement gap that separates them from their loyal customer base. These consumers expect an omnichannel experience, with promotions, loyalty programs, and attractive pricing – but the CSPS are struggling to deliver and fulfill these needs.

Context: The key to bridging the gap

Mind the Gap infographic

In a recent SAP study, nearly 82% of telco executives surveyed believe that the analysis and management of customer data are top necessary business skills. It is evident that skills like these will be critical to bridging the gap and perfecting the art of customer engagement.

As CSPs gain a true understanding of what customers want – even before they know they want it – new revenue streams will emerge. Using a context-driven approach as a new business model, CSPs can truly deliver on the promise of the delivering the right products and services to the right customers, at the right time. Contextual-based services can drive new opportunities and help CSPs:

  • Create an interactive, easy-to-navigate customer experiences.
  • Understand, meet, and surpass customers’ expectations.
  • Deliver content that addresses customers’ needs at just the right moment.
  • Drive results and delight customers across every touchpoint and channel, spanning physical and digital domains.
  • Build on customer intelligence, not just customer data.

Transforming context into revenue

How can CSPs build these winning customer services and create new relationships? For some, it requires the adoption of new processes and systems. For others, it may entail a mastery of Big Data, while for others still, it’s all about making sure IT and marketing folks are more aligned.

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